Auto Insurance Info for New Drivers

Finding car insurance for teenagers can be a frustrating process. You will likely find that an insurance policy to cover your 16 year old son is in excess of what your entire family is paying already. Teenagers can rarely afford to pay their own expenses, so unless he picks up some more hours at the local grocery store or fast food restaurant, you could be stuck footing a hefty bill.

However, there are steps that you can take to minimize the cost of your young adult's insurance payments.

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Taking a driver's education class can lower your premiums.
If the insurance company feels that your child is a professionally trained driver, they will classify them as less risky. If they can differentiate between a teenager who has and has not taken a drivers education course, they can make separate rates for each person.
Good grades can mean less money out of your pocket.
Statistically, students with high marks in school get in less accidents. We could spend all day theorizing why this is, but there are some obvious factors here. Good students spend more time studying, and less time driving. Students with straight As are less likely to go out drunk driving, and are more likely to obey traffic laws.
A clean driving record is very important in getting affordable insurance quotes.

This may seem obvious, but it is critical that your child has a good driving record. Any speeding tickets, traffic violations, driving under the influence, or even a minor in possession can raise insurance rates for your teenager significantly.
Let your son or daughter share the family car before getting their own.

Having fewer cars on your family car insurance policy, can significantly improve the impact that your teenagers addition to the policy will have. If your family's new driver gets his own car to begin with, your insurance quote will reflect that.

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